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Timeless, Memorable, and steeped in quality. Monumental Renovation offers solutions to elevate your house’s charm while integrating modern features and functional pieces.

Working with Monumental Renovation

We have a complimentary consultation to understand your vision and make a plan together

Our expert team executes the plan while keeping frequent communication open with you as to our progress

You enjoy the beautiful space once your vision comes to life

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Your house possesses a unique charm with its history and architectural character.  Our goal at Monumental Renovation is to hearten your cherished spaces. After analyzing the space, we can expand existing interiors, modernize dated trims, update fixtures, or add custom-built carpentry. With a commitment to detail our team uses the finest materials to transform outdated or wasted spaces into functional rooms. If you live in greater Indianapolis, our team is prepared to offer a variety of custom renovations.

Greater Indianapolis Design Consulting & Custom Builds

Design consulting through Monumental Renovation goes beyond general remodeling services. Leveraging our creative expertise we provide tailored solutions, helping our clients make informed decisions. Aligning your vision and needs, our team provides custom builds for your basements, attics, bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces.

Our custom builds include:

custom builds

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