Make Lasting Memories in Your Home with Monumental Renovation


Renovating a home can be daunting if you do not know the process or your team. As your home is where you make memories with family and friends, getting the right contractors can be intimidating. With Monumental Renovation your home will receive high quality care and premium finishes.

Why Work With Monumental Renovation

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At Monumental Renovation we work closely with our clients to understand their design vision and offer creative ideas that align with their aesthetic preferences. To alleviate decision overload, Monumental Renovation provides designs curated to streamline the decision-making process and ensures the overall designs are cohesive.

 Throughout the renovation process, we adhere to timelines as best we can and communicate any unexpected delays. For stress-free, day-to-day management, our team of experts will touch base with you to ensure your vision is carried out.

Renovating your house is a significant event for you and your family. At Monumental Renovation we recognize the emotions and stress of remodels or interior expansions. We provide regular progress reports and updates to allow you as the client to be involved and informed as you need.

Before starting a project, we create a comprehensive maintenance plan for your renovations.  As ongoing care, especially for paint, roofing, or flooring projects, we provide recommendations and a team of experts to help.

 From paint projects to room renovations, we guarantee quality workmanship and premium materials are used. With the highest quality of services, your home will be timeless. Our team of experts can recommend solutions that maintain your house’s charm while integrating modern features and functional pieces.

Our Process


As your home is your sanctuary, we want to meet you at your place, analyze your space, and learn your vision.


After we establish the vision, we will introduce the proper specialists from design consultants to carpenters.


As we embark on the interior or exterior project, we communicate each step of the design process.


Next, we will make an initial schedule, and plan our timeline and layout. 


Once we have finished, we will do a final walk through or your new space and new renovations! 

By offering these tailored solutions, Monumental Renovation navigates the challenges of renovating a beloved home while providing assurance that your vision will be achieved with the utmost quality and care.

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