Monumental Renovation Painting

Transforming spaces into memorable places with premier painting services

Full Service

Going beyond color application, premier painting services can give a facelift to your home, which results in your home being more enjoyable, relaxing, or comforting. At Monumental Renovation, our team provides full-service premier painting to the greater Indianapolis area. Dedicated to creating a seamless experience, we combine sophistication and classic styles, ensuring every brushstroke enhances your home’s integrity. From initial color consultation to meticulous surface preparation, we pride ourselves on using high end products, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints and stains to showcase our utmost attention to detail. With a commitment to precision, we offer a variety of services to renovate your place in northern Indianapolis, Avon, Zionsville, Carmel, Fishers, or surrounding areas and transform it into an elevated space. From beginning to end, our team will touch base, assuring you of progress and giving updates.

Premier painting with Monumental Painting
Premier painting with Monumental Painting

Color Consulting

To  provide proper care and attention to detail, our professional color consultants communicate the best color schemes and styling that fits your room’s ideal aesthetic. Whether we paint the interior or exterior, choosing the right color combination ensures that your space fits your styles and elevates your home’s value. For older homes in northern Indianapolis, painting can preserve and protect the integrity and improve the value of your walls. A variety of factors play into proper color consulting aside from personal preferences, including lighting, intended atmosphere, and the architecture. As paint jobs are time consuming, having a thoughtful analysis and discussion allows for the overall aesthetics, mood, and functionality to complement each other. If you are searching for a color consultant in northern Indianapolis, off Meridian and Kessler, or in west Indianapolis, our team will gladly take your call. 

Exterior Painting Services in Indianapolis

Our premier exterior painting services enhance the aesthetics of your bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more. Aside from setting your home apart in the neighborhood,  these paints and stains can safeguard the underlying materials, improve structural integrity, and increase the home value. In addition having quality paints and stains protect from harsh elements. We can partner with you to ensure your home has the measure of coverage to protect the value of the property. As a homeowner, having the appropriate colors and finishes from exterior painting can visually alter the perceived size and architectural details of your home.  

Premier painting with Monumental Painting
Premier painting with Monumental Painting

Interior Painting Services in Indianapolis

Transforming your space into a refreshed, luxury area is our ultimate goal for interior painting. From changing floors to compliment wall colors, to lightening cabinets and trim, our premier interior painting services can modernize a dark or dated space. Whether you are renovating your bathroom, kitchen, or basement, having colors and textures that compliment can set the tone for each space. Ultimately, our goal is to craft an environment that resonates with your family and encapsulates the very essence of what makes a house a cherished home.

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