Your house possesses a unique charm with its history and architectural character.  Our goal at Monumental Renovation is to hearten your cherished spaces. After analyzing the space, we can expand existing interiors, modernize dated trims, update fixtures, or add custom-built carpentry. With a commitment to detail our team uses the finest materials to transform outdated or wasted spaces into functional rooms. If you live in greater Indianapolis, our team is prepared to offer a variety of custom renovations.

Greater Indianapolis Design Consulting & Custom Builds

Design consulting through Monumental Renovation goes beyond general remodeling services. Leveraging our creative expertise we provide tailored solutions, helping our clients make informed decisions. Aligning your vision and needs, our team provides custom builds for your basements, attics, bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces.

Our custom builds include:

custom builds
custom builds

Often disregarded in a home, an attic can provide play areas, extra storage, or living areas to improve the value and functionality of your home. 

When left unfinished, a basement can feel like an eyesore or burden. With our expert team, we can finish, expand or rejuvenate your basement.  Our team can provide electrical work or plumbing to add an extra bathroom  to your basement. 

As the centerpiece of your home for hosting, cooking, and gathering, having a functional kitchen that feels exciting as opposed to exhausting can make the difference. With tile work, painting, trim, or new cabinets, everything in and from your kitchen will feel like home.  

Wanting a larger tub or more storage, but did not have the space? With our bathroom expansions or remodels, you can relax in a soothing bath with a calming atmosphere.  

Everyone likes more closet space. Whether for more storage or more clothes, we can take an existing room and utilize space for your needs. 

From bedrooms to living spaces, interior remodels can change from small aesthetic pieces such as trims or flooring, but we will meet any of your interior renovation goals. 

Renovation At Work


Before we tear down a wall, we frame out the room you want to expand, from taking space from a dining room and adding it to the kitchen, to taking some of your bedroom and expanding a closet, we want your home to fit your desired needs. 


Next is determining the best way to start the project, drawing up a timeline and securing the area.


After establishing the rooms, our team can wall frame and put up new drywall. 


After we’ve expanded the space, we can do drywall finishing and paint the space to match the vision. With our premier painting services, the timeless feel you want will complete the room.


No matter the room, we can run new electric and/or plumbing, add detailed tile work, or custom trim to complete the space. 

custom builds

Wanting to enhance the charm of your home? Schedule a free onsite estimate for your renovation projects.